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‘Trolling Mahesh for Brahmotsavam Was Painful’

Sensible music composer Mickey J Meyer, who has scored music for good number of Telugu films including Superstar Mahesh Babu’s ‘Brahmotsavam’, has revealed that he was very much hurt when people trolled Mahesh for the disastrous family drama.
‘More than the result of the film, people’s trolls on Mahesh hurt me. He, along with director Srikanth Addala, worked very hard to give a good message to society. Sometimes, results don’t come in our favor and seeing people ridiculing an honest actor like Mahesh was very painful,’ revealed Mickey during his interaction with media ahead of the release of Varun Tej’s ‘Mister’ for which he scored music.

It may be recalled that Mahesh had to face the most embarrassing time of his career post the release of Brahmotsavam. Aspects such as his script selection, dances, same makeover for all films etc. were heavily trolled. The trolling was so much that a national daily published an article on the entire episode and it later apologized for its imbecile act.

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