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I’m sorry Mom. I’m Sorry Dad

Twitterati is having a field day today as the election results in as many as 5 states came out. While Prime Minister Narendra Modi has proved that the demonetization has no impact on his image by scripting the biggest victory in the history of Uttar Pradesh, his opponents have become soft targets for trollers on social media.

SP had been the most powerful party in UP for several years. For this election, SP led by Akhilesh Yadav joined forces with Congress led by Rahul Gandhi to take on BJP. The counting of votes is still on but the virtual results are already out. BJP led by Modi scripted a historic win by winning 300+ seats out of the  possible 403.

The massive win of BJP in UP was already indigestible to Akhilesh and Rahul but the ruthless twitterati didn’t spare them as they launched countless satires and memes on the duo. Even Mayawati of BSP couldn’t escape this trolling. A few classic trolls are mentioned below.

Akhilesh holding a card that reads, ‘Modi did not defeat me, Rahul did’.

Both Akhilesh and Rahul holding cards in hands – Akhilesh’s reads ‘I am Sorry Dad’ and Rahul’s reads ‘I am Sorry Mom’ – pun for letting down Mukhesh Yadav and Sonia Gandhi respectively.

And a classic retort targeting both, ‘Beta Tumse na ho payega’.

Aravind Kejriwal’s AAP was expecting to create the magic in Punjab in this Assembly elections. The Congress however amassed a decisive victory leaving AAP and BJP far behind. AK has time and again become a soft target on twitter and this time, people trolled him to the core.

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