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Prudhvi’s Sensational Comments on Casting Couch

Ever since Malayalam actress Bhavana’s kidnapping and molestation incident has happened, several actresses have opened up about the casting couch culture that is prevalent tin film industry. When asked for his view on this issue, comedian Prudhvi has made some sensational comments.
Prudhvi said that the reputation of film industry is getting damaged because of the statements of some actresses. ‘I agree that some people exist in industry who try to take advantage but I am sure that nothing happens without the consent of women. If industry is filled with sexual predators, why not leave it instead of spreading rumors. More educated and cultured people are now coming into industry and the situation is not as worse as it is being projected,’ he said.

The star comedian has raised a few valid points but didn’t he go overboard calling casting couch happens only with the consent of actresses? Newbies and aspirants are often lured and trapped by filmmakers with promises. As Prudhvi pointed out, some actresses however are magnifying the undeniably existing casting couch just for cheap publicity.

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