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Old Fathers Loving Young Mallu Heroines

After Nitya Menon’s stunning appearance on Telugu screen, we have some lovely talents coming here from God’s Own Country. And these Kerala beauties have now become favourites of old Telugu fathers. Do you wonder why?

Generally, Telugu heroines (heroines acting in Tollywood) love to have single names for the silver screen. Like we have Anushka, Nayantara, Ileana, Samantha, Kajal, Tamanna and Shruti now. Some of them are using their surname on silver screen sometimes, but mostly these hotties are known with single names only.

Check the names of these Mallu hotties and most of them carry their father’s name as surnames. Like we have Anupama Parameshwaran, Keerthi Suresh, Anu Emanuel, Nivedha Thomas already here and some hotties like Namitha Pramod and Nikhila Vimal getting ready to debut here. At tea time talks it’s revealed that many fathers are feeling that it would be really good if their daughters also carry their name as the second name rather the surname or without appearing with a surname. Needless to say, many fathers feel proud that their daughters are bringing huge fame to them as well.

What about heroes folks? Rather getting called as Ultra star and the Ultimate star does these guys need to introduce us their fathers as well? It’s up to them.

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