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Governor’s ‘Narasimha’avatharam Shocks TDP!

In what can be a rude shock to the defectors, Governor ESL Narasimhan may not agree for the swearing in of the defector MLAs as the state cabinet ministers in AP. Amidst reports that AP government is going to expand its cabinet and likely to include a few senior MLAs who jumped from YSRCP to TDP into the cabinet, Governor Narasimhan said to have confided to a senior minister in AP recently that he wouldn’t agree for the defectors as ministers in present form until they resign to their MLA seat from the party that they have won. He said to have told, “Tell them to come to Raj Bhavan for swearing-in ceremony only after resigning to their MLA seats.”

Governor ESL Narasimhan said to have told the minister that he wouldn’t mind if the MLA resigns to his seat and go for election within six months and prove the people’s trust on sailing with the present government. Since this is a clear and strong indication from Governor, TDP leaders are said to be in a second thought.

Since even the defector MLAs may not be in favour of going back to election in their own constituencies, one has to see how things would unfold soon.

On other hand, the situation is no different in Telangana too all TDP MLAs (except 2) and several other Congress MLAs have jumped into TRS and supporting TRS government. So, indirectly, this is also a strong message from Governor to Telangana state too if in future it wants to bring in the defector MLAs into the cabinet.