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Baahubali 2 Collections: USD 3M in Pre-sales in US

Baahubali 2 IMAX Format Release in Trouble


The record breaking saga of Baahubali 2 at box office seems to commenced with the US premieres already.
A statement from the North America distributor of Baahubali 2, Great India Films, has ascertained the appalling $3M figure from advance bookings for premieres of Baahubali 2. Well, the number is steadily growing and the final premiere figure could be humongous. This is totally insane as the previous best was only around $1.3M.

“We have passed $3 million in pre-sales and are adding almost $100,000 to the total every hour. This is the highest for an Indian film in advance ticket sales,” read a statement from Great India Films.

Baahubali is gearing up for release in almost 1100 screens in North America. 900-950 screens are booked in the US alone. The epic film is expected to rake in phenomenal collections in its first weekend, $10M is the current prediction.

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