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I’m Not Naked That Day, You’re Wrong

Definitely, many Indians are not having any idea of who is actress Blanca Blanco until her wardrobe malfunction created tremors on the 89th Oscar’s red carpet last Sunday evening.

By the time the actress responded to what has happened on the Oscar red carpet, Blanca Blanco already received a beating from Indian media who advised her to not resort to cheap tricks to get publicity. Actually the thigh-high slit dress she’s wearing moved out of the way and gave a clear view of her private area, which Indian media has written that she exposed her private parts without wearing any underwear.

But when some Australian media has finally got in touch with the actress, she revealed what exactly happened there, and what people has seen.

“I’m not naked that day. I didn’t flash any private parts. In fact, I’m wearing a skin coloured body hugging undies (a body suit) which might have given a delusion that I’m naked down there”, commented Blanca Blanco, talking about the whole wardrobe malfunction fiasco.

Talking about the accusations from worldwide media that she pulled a publicity stunt, the actress said, “I’ve respect for the Academy Awards. That’s not the place to pull such stunts. I’m very much embarrassed by those comments”.

While Blanca Blanco wore a body suit, there are top-class models like Bella Hadid for real exposed her private part at Cannes Film Festival when she walked in similar dress.