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That Award Company Got A Huge Shocker

There are many companies that thrive in giving awards to film fraternity. All in all, the funda is all about conducting a grand ceremony and selling various slots to brands. Later they sell the video rights to TV channels and finally emerge out with profits.
Actually, a Bollywood based Awards Company has enrolled south last year by hosting a huge function where the who is who of Tollywood have made their presence felt. But this year, they got only one young star hero chaperoning to the event, as he received the Best Actor trophy while other big heroes just gave a miss.

The reason behind this sounds to be very simple. Last year as there is a top Tollywood star invited as a special guest and he’s about to get honoured for his presence in Telugu movies, the whole fraternity took a time to grace the awards evening. But this time, none felt such sentiment, and hence they just skipped it.

Looking at the kind of mentality our celebs have, we hear that the Awards Company is in huge shock as this second venture of them is going to end up losses in Tollywood.

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