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Indians to Get Benefit from Merit-based Immigration

The merit-based immigration system proposed by the US President Donald Trump is largely being viewed by many as a threat to the dollar dreams of Indians. Experts however predicted that the proposal has the potential to instead benefit Indians.

Indians would make a good fit for the merit-based system going by the current profile of the community. According to a research report, 70 percent of Indians living in the US are college graduates, a large number of whom have high level of education and skills. As per the US Census Bureau, the median household income for Indian families in 2013 was over $100,000.

Currently, the US immigration system limits the number of people who can immigrate from any country to seven percent of the total number permitted. There is also an annual restriction of 140,000 on employment-based green cards.

Owing to this limitation, Indians are waiting for several years to get the green card. As per some reports, the waiting period is as long as 12 years for most professionals and 9 years for those possessing exceptional qualifications.

A merit-based system can cut down this waiting period.

Given the statistics, Indian have advantage but it depends on other factors like whether the current national quotas on people from any nation who could be admitted in a year will be retained or not. The proposal of Trump however did not spell out how exactly the merit-based system would work.

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