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Baahubali2: The Good, Bad And Ugly

Baahubali 2 IMAX Format Release in Trouble

In a couple of days, we’ll be witnessing the legendary film’s concluding part on silver screen. “Baahubali: The Conclusion” is coming with huge hype and the visuals shown in the recently released 30-second teaser surely promised something bigger and better. However, if this hype gets boomeranged, then there will be adverse results too.

The Good:

If all goes well, Baahubali 2 will get a terrific opening along with long run taking the advantage of Summer holidays. As the film got sold for nearly 350 crores across the world and 120+ crores in Telugu states alone, all that hype and positive talk will surely transform into a storm of collections making producer laugh all the way to banks.

The Bad:
Currently whole of Baahubali 2 fate is hanging on one big secret, Why Kattappa Killed Baahubali?. And when the secret gets out on Friday morning of April 28th, will audiences have same enthusiasm and curiosity to watch the film flocking to theatres is what we have to see. If the answer is out and people lose interest, then there will be some denting in the collections for sure. Not everyone will go to theatres then as some will wait for TV screening.

The Ugly: 

In fact, whatever is shown in Baahubali 1 is just little, that’s what Rajamouli and Co have said. This lead to building up of huge expectations and any slight mismatch could lead to drastic results. The likes of Kabali are recent examples of result that come out through mismatch. With Rajamouli at the helm, definitely the scope for ‘ugly’ is ruled out, isn’t it?

April 28th, come fast!!


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