Audio of Launch Surya vs Surya

surya vs surya


Audio of Launch Surya vs Surya (15th February 2015) Sunday

Have Own Identity, Don’t Become Jr Powerstar!!

That’s the piece of advice coming from Renu Desai for her son Akira Nandan who celebrates his birthday today. From her marriage to Telugu hero Pawan Kalyan earlier, Renu has a son named Akira and daughter Adya. Today (April 8th) as Akira turns 13, Renu’s social media post has stunned everyone.
While expressing her surprise for Akira turning 13 and also becoming 6-foot tall teenager, she stated it’s an overwhelming emotion for her. “I pray today that he carves a special and separate place for himself in this world and shines on his own rather than getting lost in the shadows of his parents”, she says.

But what shocked everyone is her next statement. She said, “I am confident that he will have his own identity and make his name as Akira Nandan and not Jr.Power star”. When many fans are expecting Akira to become Jr Powerstar one day like how Mahesh Babu became Jr Superstar and Ram Charan turned Jr Megastar, Renu’s statement is certainly confusing them.

Of course, her intention is true for sure, anyone should have an own identity rather dwelling in the shadows of their predecessors. But to become Jr Powerstar also, one should have own merit and talent.

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