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OMG! CM involves in ‘Samosa’ Scam

It sounds awkward. But, the opposition BJP unearthed ‘Samosa scam’ allegedly involved by the Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal government.
Ahead of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi elections, the opposition party targeted Kejriwal by exposing irregularities in the administration at ground level.

It revealed that Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi government has spent over Rs one crore of public money on tea and samosas in the last 18 months. It found out about the splurge by posting a query to the government under the Right to Information Act.

It said Delhi Tourism and Transport Development Corporation (DTTDC) had organised two lunch parties last year on 11 and 12 February for 50 and 30 persons respectively which cost over Rs11 lakh.

Union minister and senior BJP leader Piyush Goyal termed the alleged expenditure “mind boggling”. “The government is a custodian of public funds entrusted to it by tax payers in the form of exchequer. But Kejriwal and his party have been misusing these funds for the last two years for its political needs and purposes,” Goyal said.

The permissible limit under financial rules is Rs1,250 per person for hosting a lunch in non-five star hotels. No codal formalities or financial rules were followed before placing the orders. Two bills were raised by DTTDC for a total amount of Rs 11,04,357, BJP leaders said.

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