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Nagarjuna’s Silence Upsets Them!

With Nagarjuna’s latest film Om Namo Venkatesaya turning out to be biggest disaster beating the likes of Brahmotsavam and Sardaar Gabbar Singh, naturally, there has been a great pressure from the distributors and buyers of the film over their compensation.

In overseas alone the film incurred a massive loss as the overseas distributor who invested nearly 3.6 Crore said to have lost almost all. And the situation is no different in domestic market too as distributors suffered great losses cutting across the regions. While it’s buzzed that the producer assured them of compensating with his next film that is said to be a bigger film, distributors are still looking towards Nag’s assurance or his intervention in the matter.

Given that almost all the distributors have invested in the film by taking finance for interests, they are looking up to Nag for a meager compensation now before producer compensating with his next that may take nothing less than a year-and-a-half.

It’s learnt that Nagarjuna has charged a bomb for the film i.e around 8 Crore. And this is certainly huge for a devotional film. So, distributors of ONV are hoping that Nag would step in for them. Even for Brahmotsavam, Sardaar Gabbar Singh, star heroes Mahesh, Pawan too intervened in the issue along with producers and said to have settled for most of the distributors who were hit badly.

Now the moot question is whether Nag will do it or not. Let’s wait and see.

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