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Utter Humiliation for Puri In US

There used to be a time when movie lovers thronged theatres just by seeing the name of Puri irrespective of who the hero is. However, the crazy director’s stardom has fallen drastically in the last two years and his latest release ‘Rogue’ has turned out to be one of the epic disasters in overseas.
To be honest, no one had any expectations on ‘Rogue’, which seemed to be an erotic film rather than a love story.The name of Puri somehow managed to lure his last remaining ardent fans in the Telugu states to theatres who probably have returned home with disappointment.

Coming to the US, the situation is far worse. Its five days since the film hit screens and guess how much it collected? Its $338. Could anything be more embarrassing than this for Puri, who is still regarded by some as one of the top directors?

As per reports, Puri charged Rs 10 crore remuneration to make this epic disaster. Trade predicts that the film may not recover even half of his remuneration, leave aside the total investment of the producer. Its high time Puri recognized Rogue as an eye-opener and started making quality films.

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