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Sukumar Wanted To Remake This in Hindi!

In what can be a shocking revelation, director Sukumar said that he wanted to remake the Telugu film Oka Romantic Crime Katha in Hindi. Usually, all big directors in Telugu want to go to Hindi and want to direct their own commercial hits or the commercial hits of others. But by stating that he wanted to make Suneel Kumar Reddy’s Oka Romantic Crime Katha in Hindi, Sukumar has certainly shocked many with his idea.
“After turning acquaintance with Suneel Kumar, I’ve watched Oka Romantic Crime Katha. The film was so fresh and I was quite impressed with it. I had asked him whether he had any plans to remake it in Hindi as if he had no plans, I had wanted to remake it in Hindi,” said Sukumar who was at the logo launch of upcoming film Gulf.

This is not all. Sukku also shocked by admitting that he just go with the flow. “We usually go with the flow. But director Suneel actually does a lot of research before starting a film. His films are so real. That’s what I like in him,” added Sukumar.

After recently spotted at the teaser release of Nikhil’s Keshava, Sukumar was now at the logo launch of Gulf. It’s good that the star director is now encouraging other filmmakers too.

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