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President Job Is Very Tough: Trump Confesses

Donald Trump

Only after being in office for 100 days, the US President Donald Trump seems to have learned how daunting it is to be the president of United States. Speaking from Washington on Thursday, Donald Trump has voiced out how hard his current job is. Drawing a comparison with his previous role as the most successful business man, Trump said ‘I loved my previous life. I had so many things going.’

And definitely, he didn’t sound as strong as he was while the campaign last year. ‘I do miss my old life. Also I like to work this job but it’s more work,’ he confesses. While many of his policies and executive orders drew criticism, Trump recently attempted to win brownie points by proposing historical tax-cuts for individuals, corporate and business class.
Amidst the growing disapproval, Trump making comments like ‘I miss pre-presidency freedom’ and ‘this job (being a president) has much less privacy than I’ve seen before’ wouldn’t just put the support he has at stake but also proves his inability to handle the top job.

Unstopping there, Donald Trump went on to tell how badly he’s missed taking a wheel. ‘I like to drive. I cannot drive any more,’ is what he added. About the most-discussed Healthcare policy, President Trump said, ‘it’s an unbelievably complex subject and no one knew healthcare could be so complicated.’

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