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Don’t Make Crores On Our Girls -Hema

With the advent of so many YouTube channels these days, actors and actresses who have a little bit of frustration and advice for the film industry and people around, are not leaving any chance to make their voice heard loudly. Now it’s the turn of actress Hema, who is popular for her loud nature and big mouthed talks.

Other day Hema stated that few media houses are literally living the lives of actresses who are unfortunately getting messed into some unlawful things. Posing sharp questions to media houses, she asked, “If a heroine gets into some unwanted affairs or sex traps, that’s because her family’s position is critical. What will you get by airing that news repeatedly? Why do you want to ruin her life further? Okay, you may earn 1 crore rupees over that news, but will you be happy feeding your children and wife with that bloody money?”.

Will someone take actress Hema’s words into consideration and stop airing news about heroines in sex rackets and those who are doing prostitution as a business?

“When we write good about these actresses and praise their films, they say it is their talent that earned them this spot. But when we write about the unlawful things they are doing, they say we should have moral responsibility. They earn money by doing illegal things but play the victim card when get caught. Only they should know what is moral and ethical” a media guy commented.