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Ugly Toilet Talk of Jagan & Yanamala

When Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishna was about to answer to the questions raised by YSRCP MLAs on Wednesday, Opposition leader YS Jagan had walked out of the house and this raised an ugly war of words between Yanamala and Jagan. Yanamala had pointed out that Jagan Reddy was ‘escaping’ when he’s about to start his speech.

Reacting to Yanamala’s accusation, Jagan said, “I have gone to toilet. Should I raise my little finger and take permission from Naidu and others before going to toilet also? If Chandrababu also shows his little finger whenever he wants to go out and set it as a new precedent, I’m okay to follow.” Jagan quipped that he didn’t know when this practice was started and shot back at Yanamala for unnecessarily making issues like this.

Refuting to Jagan’s claim, Yanamala had alleged that Jagan wasn’t in corridor and he was in his personal room and he (Jagan) had come to the Assembly only after he (Jagan) received message from his (Jagan’s) team that he (Yanamala) is making issue.

Yanamala said, “I’m sure Jagan left only when I stood up to speak on the questions raised by his team on the budget. As per parliamentary practice, Opposition leader should be present. This is not first time, he has done like this. He had gone out even during the Assembly session when it happened in Hyderabad earlier. I’m fine. It’s easy for us. Even if no one is there also, I could give my reply. But it’s basic courtesy of Opposition leader to stay in the house when Finance Minister is talking on an important subject like budget in the house.”

Jagan Reddy responded and further defended his stand and retaliated Yanamala’s accusation stating that there’s no logic, reason in Yanamala’s statement. Jagan claimed that he is the one who spends more time in the house than anyone else. He said that he was patient enough even when TDP leaders have blamed his deceased father YS Rajasekhar Reddy and stood in the house when his MLAs were speaking as a moral support to them.

“I need not be in house. The questions were asked by my fellow MLAs and you (Yanamala) were answering. But why do you want me? If you ask any question, they’re there to answer,” said Jagan.

And finally this had put Jagan in spot as Yanamala smartly concluded, “Jagan finally opened up that he need not want to be in the house. This is why he had left. Really, he didn’t gone out to toilet. I’d like to clarify him that I only answer and I don’t question Opposition. Opposition can only question and they can’t answer. They’re not answerable to me. Jagan and Opposition leaders are answerable to people.”

On the whole, the ugly talk of toilet, restroom and all have certainly irked public who were watching the proceedings of Assembly. Looks like, the ongoing rivalry between Jagan and TDP is turning uglier and personal with each passing day.


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