Catherine Tresa Hot Photoshoot

Catherine Tresa hot photoshoot


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Too Many Offers For One Film Old Heroine

Neither she’s a curvaceous stunner like a Rakul Preet or Rashi Khanna, nor a proven performer like a Samantha or Nitya Menon. But still, she’s the most sought after heroine in the circuits and one wonders what could be the reason.
Currently shooting for Saidharam Tej’s Jawan, Raviteja’s Raja The Great and Sandeep Kishan’s Bilingual movie, bubbly looking Mehrene Kaur Pirzada is the hottie we are talking about. Just with the success of a movie like Krishnagadi Veera Prema Gadha, this hottie is able to turn these many projects into her kitty. Latest update is that a new film of Allu Sirish and also Nitin’s movie under Krishna Chaitanya’s direction will have this girl as the leading lady.

At the same time, another aspect that stuns everyone is Mehrene’s Wikipedia page. Simply put, there is too much information about a debutant who has just sizzled in one film in Tollywood and recently another one in Bollywood. Her debut Hindi movie Philauri landed in a flop show at box office, however. And she’s not someone who took party in beauty pageants or rocked the modelling world with her spicy treats. Yet, she enjoys a stunning presence.

Some say that this hottie has tied up with a top notch PR agency which is taking care of her dates, assignments and managing that hype around her. Otherwise, for beauties like Lavanya Tripathi, Rashi Khanna and also Rakul Preet, it took years to get to sign a horde of films even though they made a splash with their initial films. So girls, find out Mehrene’s PR agency now!!

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