Celebs Pay Homage to M.S.Narayana


Celebrities pay homage to M S Narayana


‘India is infact creating new jobs in US’

After being discussed and debated by many, the new visa regulations for United States has now fetched a reaction from union IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. According to him, Indians are not impacting the employment of Americans. ‘Rather, we are creating a new jobs in US’ “ says the central minister, who’s also holding Law and Justice Ministry.

To back his point that Indian companies are a big boon to US, Ravi Shankar Prasad put forward the following stats while speaking at a media programme in Mumbai“ “the Indian IT companies exist in more than 200 cities across 80 countries, including the US. Alone in America, our firms paid out a massive USD 20 billion in the form of taxes last year. Also, they have provided close to 4 lakh jobs there and certainly, added more value to the foreign country.’

The recent developments in US warned of the risks around growing Donald Trump factor and the new visa-policy bill introduced in US Congress. Recently, the higher authorities of India have raised a serious concern with America about their renewed policy.

The BJP-minister also highlighted the growing opportunities in our country and how well India is being able to attract global investments. Besides emphasizing that Congress-led UPA could only manage 11,000 cr during their term, Mr. Prasad asserted that ‘India is on the edge of becoming biggest electronic hub in world and have already gained 1.27 trillion worth investments under NDA regime’. On other hand, Trump’s executive order block immigrants from six Muslim-populated countries was banned by Hawaii district judge.


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