Charmee’s Special – Maa Oori Vanta & Kids Kitchen


Charmee’s Special – Maa Oori Vanta & Kids Kitchen (12th June 2015) Friday

What An Idea Sir ji !!

There is a famous saying, “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”. Well, here is a perfect example to justify this saying.
Since April 1 this year, a large number of bars and liquor shops across India has been shut down following a Supreme Court order instructing that the liquor outlets should be at least 500m away from both State and National highways. While many bars had to be closed down, the owner of a bar in Ernakulam, Kerala has come up with an ingenious idea to bypass the SC order.

A 250m-long maze-like walkway has been built to the bar entrance, which made the total distance from the entrance to the nearby highway more than 500m. In reality, the bar is just a couple of steps away from the highway.

Even the excise officials have permitted this move by the bar management citing that they only measure the walking distance but not the aerial distance.

The booze lovers might be saying, ‘what an idea Sir ji’!!

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