Coat Eswara Rao E7 – with Hema

Coat Eswara Rao E 7 - with Hema


Coat Eswara Rao | Ep-7 | Dt 21-07-13
Coat Eswara Rao | Ep-7 | Dt 21-07-13
Support Pawan Babayi – Ram Charan Tells Fans

In a significant political development, actor Ram Charan has asked mega fans to support Baabayi Pawan Kalyan. On a daily basis, a large section of fans are turning out in huge to meet Ram Charan who is shooting for his ongoing film (Chitti Babu) near Rajahmundry. In one of the regular meetings, Charan has told them to support his uncle Pawan.

“Meeru Andaru Pawan Baabayi ki Andaga Vundali. Rajakeeyam ga ayina…leka mari inkendulo ayina…mee andari support Baabayi ki vundali,” Ram Charan was quoted as saying to fans.

Now these comments of Ram Charan have drawn interesting debate among mega fans. When Charan’s father Chiranjeevi is very much with Congress and still continuing as the party’s Rajya Sabha member, Charan said to be asking fans to support Pawan and Janasena is definitely
On many occasions, Charan has extended support to Baabayi. But when it comes to politics, Charan has maintained that his support is only to his father. Now that Charan told fans to back Pawan, it has to be seen whether Chiru too join Janasena or not. Already, another brother Naga Babu has openly stated that he would join Janasena and willing to work for the party.

Charan’s comments have further boosted the speculations that mega brothers Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan are in quite good terms that’s unlike rumours surfaced during Khaidi pre-release function which saw Pawan’s absence. Well, this is certainly a celebrating moment for mega fans.

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