Coat Eswara Rao E2- with Jabardast Venu

Coat Eswara Rao Ep-02 Dt 16-06-13
Coat Eswara Rao Ep-02 Dt 16-06-13
‘No Effect of H-1B Visa Row on Indian Students’

Indian students, who might be thinking of scrapping their American dreams in the wake of the H-1B visa reforms, should not worry.
An Indian-origin CEO, who is president of a Michigan-based top technological university, said that foreign students, especially Indians, are still in demand by top American enterprises notwithstanding the changes to H-1B visa norms.

He added that presidents of the top US universities have assured international students that there will be no impact on their chances of getting jobs in America after finishing their studies.

Noted American firms are keen to hire Indian students because they are talented as well as hardworking. They are still sought after by the American firms across disciplines irrespective of the Trump govt’s reforms in order to reserve jobs for locals.

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