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Trump Effect? Demand for NRI Grooms Declines

With the rise of racially-motivated attacks on Indians in the United States, the parents and relatives of brides-to-be are concerned over the safety of their daughters. This is now resulting in the declining of demand for NRI grooms in the Indian community.

Indian families, who used to be crazy for American matches and American dreams for their daughters, are now having a second-thought amidst growing hate crimes on Indians staying abroad. The recent killings of 32-yr-old Srinivas Kuchibhotla and 43-yr-old Harnish Patel have sent shock waves across Indian families.

If this is not enough, Donald Trump’s immigration policies are making Indian parents worried. The tightening of rules of US Visa and ban of premier processing of H-1B suspension for six months and amidst further reports that there would be scrutiny into the visas of Indians living in US including green-card holders are pouring cold water on the American dream of brides, their families.

According to several matrimonial sites and its experts, the demand for NRI grooms saw a steep decline in the recent times. As per a matrimonial site, it has witnessed a 25% decline in queries for NRI grooms, especially those in the US, in the last two months itself. And they’re expecting that situation could further worsen depending on the situation.

With this, unmarried Indian men based in the US are having a difficult time in getting brides.

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