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Star Heroine Believing None Of Her Friends

Recently a talented singer’s twitter account got hacked and there came a horde of tweets that disturbed neighbouring film industry forever. And one such tweet has actually shared photographs of a lead heroine’s outing with a married star hero. That led to huge ruckus now.
In fact, our hottie is upset with her close set of friends as she felt that they are the ones who have actually leaked the pictures. When this heroine was bonding close with the star hero at an unknown beach in Pattaya, Thailand, few snaps are clicked from the people in their gang. Now our hottie believes that one of her friends shared those pictures on Whatsapp and that led to the leakage.

From a couple of weeks, our star heroine is said to be keeping many of her friends away and not believing in them when it comes to clicking their group picture at least. While she happens to be a wild party animal, now she’s said to be making sure to avoid the spotlights at pubs and night outs.

Insiders are however feeling that this heroine is unnecessarily developing cracks herself in her friendships with this behaviour. Because those pictures are said to have got shared by the actress herself during inebriated condition.

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