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Katamarayudu Effect On Janasena Future??

This Monday happens to be the decider of “Katamarayudu” future at the box office and that’s not so exciting if we have to say. After touching the 40 crores share mark after the first weekend, the film has to paddle all the rough shores and earn 50 crores more to help its distributors get breakeven. That looks like a bleak happening now.
A big comment that is being heard in the film and political circles now is that effect of Katamarayudu is going to take its toll on Janasena Party. Actually, Pawan is recently building up his party and his real-life appearance in Khadi tops and pyjamas is pretty close to how he looked inside Katamarayudu movie. With that coincidence, fans got close with the movie and now that it’s traversing towards a flop show, a negative sentiment is worrying them about Janasena as well.

Another buzz has that Pawan Kalyan listened to none when it comes to Katamarayudu and he took all the creative calls in the way he likes. Now that the film has flopped, in the lines of his previous flick Sardar which was also his creative brainchild, few of his trusted aides are now worried. They are confused if his political policies work or they too suffer like these two films.

Quite surprisingly, another rumour is getting spread that Pawan is not caring about the distributors investing in these movies as he’s moving to Trivikram’s film shoot from April 1st week. That looks like Pawan wants to quickly make some huge savings before he leaps into politics full-time, a critic commented.

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