Dhruvatharalu Episode 27 (8th May 2013)

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Dhruvataralu Daily Serial Cast:
Shruthi, Bhanu Chander, Neema, Swetha, Anandi, Rajender, Anna Dorai, Pandi Kamal, Sathya, Selvaraj, Sharmila, Deepa Shankar, Venkatesh, Murugan, Mahi.


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Dhruvataralu Plot:

Charulatha is a woman driven by individuality and self pride. She was born in a rich family and married to her cousin Moorthy and she puts up with him for the past twenty five years of unsuccessful married life in which she is always a loser whereas Moorthy threatens her and sells off her assets. Moorthy is an habitual drunkard and a failure as an advocate. He loses all the money which he forcefully got from Charu and still he bother her day in and out.
On the eve of her daughter’s marriage Charu takes a serious decision of getting separated from Moorthy legally. Moorthy is not willing to accept as he is totally dependant on Charu for his bread and one huger asset which was under court litigation. But Charu is stern in her decision and on the night of her daughter’s wedding she walks away from her house to a house which her father had left for her. She plan to convert a portion of that house as Ladies Hostel and wanted to lead a different life far away from the tortures of Moorthy. Moorthy challenges Charu that she cannot lead a life all alone without his support. Both their children, daughter Nivedita and son Surya were under the influence of father and do not support Charu on her decision and they take their father’s stand.
She with the help of maid Selvi and her close friend Anu is ready to start the hostel and gives an advertisement in newspaper. Shorty a young woman named Shenbaga, arrives from Tirunelveli to stay in the hostel. After her father’s demise, she got his job but that was in Chennai and she does not have a stay place. She with the help of her uncle comes to Charu. Another girl, by name Aarthi is the first one to be inmate of Charu’s hostel. She paid Charu the total advance and had informed her that she is preparing for competitive exams in Chennai. But in reality, she has eloped with the car driver of her father, who is a caste based person in village. He along with his son is searching all over Chennai to kill the lovers. Aarthi feels that Charu’s hostel is the only best hide place and she is quite tensed all the time. The third person to join the hostel is Buela. She is an Anglo Indian girl. Charu finds these girls good and friendly towards them. She makes them feel at home by giving a comfortable accommodation, good food and gentle care. By this Charu, wish to forget her own bitter experience in life.
This serial is about the relationship between these women and Charu and her struggle against Moorthy who await to pull her leg. No one could understand each other completely as everyone is individual and got their own priorities and importance in life. Charu’s daughter Nivedita on the other hand force her mother to buy a new car for her husband. Charu with the help of Anu manages to get it. And when Aarthi leaves her hostel without informing her, Charu is totally shattered. She is emotionally down. Will she succeed in her travel? Will Shenbaga, Aarthi and Buela understand Charu and be supportive to her? Will she gain back the assets which are in trial? This serial interestingly depicts all these.

Dhruvataralu is a Most Popular Telugu serial telecasted on Gemini at from Monday – Friday.
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