EGV – Parody on Fake Deekshas

Parody on Fake Deekshas - EGV - Tv9
Parody on Fake Deekshas – EGV
That’s The Allegation On Tollywood’s Top Heroine

Though she’s beautiful and ready to go ultra-glamorous if remuneration demands, she’s not a big actor. Still, she can’t give any sensible and subtle expressions with ease. But all the offers are pouring her way and there seems to be a secret for that.

As one big star roped her in, then definitely others will follow the suit. But all those big offers have come her way only after she has cheated her friends. A source revealed that couple of her friends from the industry, who also happens to be charming and spicy heroines, have used to share every single detail of their upcoming assignments related discussions. After finding their offers, this lady used to approach the producers and hero of those projects through other means and gave them better deals to lock the offers. That helped her clinch the projects, the source alleged.

For now, this heroine is good friends with those other heroines as well and they frequently hang out together. But frankly speaking, they don’t have any big offers in hand, while she’s the sought after lady here.

Talent is not just about looking spicy, acting and dancing well, it’s also about management and strategy too. Anyway, we call all this as ‘fate’ finally!!


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