Extra Jabardasth – Khatarnak Comedy Show (30th Sep 2016)

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Extra Jabardasth – Khatarnak Comedy Show (30th September 2016) Friday

NTR And Charan Brought Out That Fly

Other day we have already shared how Rajamouli’s wife Rama feels about Yama Donga movie. She stated that the film’s run at box office is due to presence of Jr NTR is what she thinks. Well, that led to some crazy discussions in Film Nagar yet again.
Not just Rama, many often say that Yama Donga has run due to NTR and his dances, dialogues, acting, expressions etc. At the same time they attribute the success of Magadheera to Ram Charan and his humongous mega fanbase. But putting a hero first than Rajamouli is surely hurting the director’s hardcore admirers.

“Like Rama, many claimed that Yama Donga is NTR’s credit and Magadheera success goes to Charan’s shoulders. Yes, the success range of these films multiplied due to heroes but those heroes alone didn’t brought the success. And to answer all such critics, Rajamouli has made Eega, a film without a hero and with a fly as a hero” an admirer commented.

There was always buzz that Rajamouli made Eega to make everyone believe that he could do wonders even without star heroes and Rama’s latest comment added fuel to it. Some say, “NTR and Charan helped the director to bring out the fly that redefined use of visual effects in Telugu films”.

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