Extra Jabardasth – Khatarnak Comedy Show (4th Nov 2016)

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Extra Jabardasth – Khatarnak Comedy Show  (4th November 2016) Friday

Don’t Blame Murugadoss, VFX Is The Reason


As the postponement is inevitable, we hear that director AR Murugadoss has decided to keep calm on the change of release date and go ahead with his work on “Spyder”.

But with Mahesh Babu dedicating almost all the time to this film without taking big breaks, fans are now going berserk on the delay caused by the director. We, however, found that Murugadoss is not the one to be blamed for the delay in production of the movie.

Actually, the makers have initially planned for simple visual effects in the movie but the sequences shot at Ha Long, Vietnam is now requiring extensive work. As the sequence shot at Dragon Park in Vietnam should be made to believe as some place in Hyderabad/Chennai, VFX guys need huge time to carve out that nativity into the footage shot in an East Asian country.

At the same time, other scenes that involve a bug like a creature and some interactions of it with Mahesh need to be fine tuned to a new level. With the arrival of films like Baahubali and also Robo 2.0, graphics work should not sound funny and hence this delay.

So the delay in “Spyder” is only for a superior quality output and fans should take a note of it.

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