Extra Jabardasth – Khatarnak Comedy Show (7th Oct 2016)

extra jabardasth

Extra Jabardasth – Khatarnak Comedy Show – Episode (7th October 2016) Friday

Rogue Tremors in Balayya’s Camp?

With Puri’s latest release Rogue got mixed to poor reviews all over, the tremors could easily felt in Balayya’s camp. While Puri and Balayya’s combination was considered as one of the crazy combination, many in the trade now say it’s expected to hit with Puri’s Rogue and the director’s not-so-good form.
Barring a few trademark one-liners from Puri, Rogue has very little to offer. And Balayya fans also worrying whether Puri would change for their hero or will he continue to focus on style, dialogues leaving content aside.

Even Puri’s last film Ism was a major debacle at the Box Office. With Rogue joining it, naturally, this is now expected to have a great effect on the business of Balayya and Puri’s ongoing film being produced by Bhavya Creations. Anand Prasad is now said to be disappointed with the talk of Rogue. Let’s wait and see

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