Extra Jabardasth (25th Dec 2015) with Loafer Movie Team

extra jabardasth

Extra Jabardasth – Khatarnak Comedy Show – Episode (25th December 2015) Friday

Viral Video: PM Modi breaks protocol to hug a 4-year-old girl

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday broke security protocol in his bid not to disappoint a 4-year-old kid who came to greet him.
During his visit to Surat, when Modi’s convoy was passing by a sea of supporters chanting his name, a 4-year-old girl broke security shackles and came forward to greet him. The rightful security men couldn’t take any risk even in the case of a harmless little girl so they softly instructed her to go back.

Modi, who is known for having a weak spot for children, stopped the car as soon as as he laid his eyes on the little girl. He then called her and hugged her, bringing round of applause from his supporters. The little kid returned to her parents with glowing eyes and glittering smile

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