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No Dupe For Mahesh

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Rupin Suchak, the production designer of Superstar Mahesh Babu’s upcoming film Spyder, has revealed that the actor himself has done some incredible stunts in the action-thriller.

In a recent interview, Suchak said that Mahesh has done fabulous stunts without any body double in Spyder. “There was a particular sequence where even the stunt doubles were scared of doing it. Mahesh however just went ahead and delivered it all by himself. We were all quite stunned,” said Suchak.

As Mahesh is essaying the character of a spy in the film, it is bound to have high quality action scenes. Moreover, films of Murugadoss are known for stylish and intelligent action set pieces. Now, Suchak has raised expectations on the action part, which according to Suchak was on par with international films, in Spyder by spilling beans on to what extent Mahesh went for this film.

Bearing staggering expectations, this Telugu-Tamil bilingual is slated for worldwide release on June 23 this year. The recently released first look was initially met with mixed response but the title has received audiences’ acceptance as time passed by.

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