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Advise Your Husband Darling!!

surya jyothika

Other day, trailer launch event of former heroine Jyothika’s second film post re-entry has become a stage for some sensational talk. As the trailer of “Maagalir Mattum” (means Ladies Only) is released, Jyothika made certain demands to be met by new-age directors.
Stating that heroines should be given more dignified roles in films, Jyothika requested all the happening directors to write sensible roles for them. “Don’t limit heroines just to glamour, write them some important roles. Don’t make them tell double-meaning dialogues along with comedians. Also, there is no need for 3-4 heroines for a hero, if you do that, then his fans will go on thinking that romancing a couple of girls in real life is a good thing”, she stressed.

Well, what sort of roles are heroines like Samantha and Shruti Haasan are given in Surya’s recent films other than flaunting their skin in songs and romancing the lead actor? And in recent Singham 3, we’ve Anushka, Shruti Haasan romancing Surya and Neetu Chandra doing an item number. Should Jyothika first give such advice to her husband rather throwing it on directors?

The idea of changing a commercial film format and lessening the way heroines are flaunted as glamour objects is a good thing overall, but that should come from all directions. Not just directors!!

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