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Jagan’s Weakness is TDP’s Strength

Even as there’s growing dissent against the incumbent TDP in the new state of Andhra Pradesh, there’s little did Opposition YSRCP did to translate into its advantage. The recent cabinet rejig left several senior TDP leaders disappointed and many senior MLAs who had expected a place in the cabinet are dispirited. In fact, it was the perfect time for anyone in the opposition to rope in them to their side. But Jagan has failed to do so.
On other hand, Jagan has totally failed into corner the TDP that had included YSRCP MLAs into the cabinet. Both ethically and constitutionally, it’s a wrong. Instead of taking this into people, Jagan chose otherwise and spent all the time in meeting leaders in Delhi and other party leaders.

Considering that BJP is TDP’s ally and the fact that even it did form governments in Goa, Manipur where it got a fewer numbers than the Congress that emerged as the largest party in both the states is a clear indication that BJP wouldn’t be interested to Jagan’s pleas and accusations on Naidu.

As of now, political experts say that TDP is surviving in AP only because of Jagan’s weaknesses. So, opposition’s weakness is ruling’s strength. Going by the adage – ‘It’s better late than never’, it’s time to take a look at below list whether Jagan could bounce back. Since there’s only two years left for the next general elections and Jagan is also going through difficult phase in DA case, the scion of YS Rajasekhar Reddy has very little time. The moot question is Will He? Or Won’t He?

Will He? or Won’t He?

* Will Jagan expose TDP in public domain? Or Won’t he?

* Will Jagan play a tough Opposition and emerge as alternative to TDP? Or Won’t he?

* Will Jagan correct his mistakes and bring back seniors into his party and give them respectable positions? Or Won’t he?

* Will Jagan overcome nepotism and give equal importance to leaders outside his family, relatives? Or Won’t he?

* Will Jagan fight for the Special Category Status? Or Won’t he?

* Will Jagan overshadow Pawan Kalyan who’s actively voicing for people? Or Won’t he?

* Will Jagan point out at TDP’s failures and strive for solution for people’s benefits? Or Won’t he?

* Will Jagan strengthen his party and build party’s cadre, especially the second-rank leadership? Or Won’t he?

* Will Jagan win people’s trust and form next government in AP? Or Won’t he?

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