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Words Like Tiger, Actions Like Cat


Revanth Reddy has been revered as the firebrand politician of Telangana TDP. He never misses a chance to hit out at his arch rivals. This is proved in several occasions. There’s no denying that Revanth has good oratory skills. But what’s lacking in Revanth is action.

Ever since he’s accused in the controversial cash for vote case, the Kodangal legislator has taken a clear stand against the ruling TRS and been openly stating that he would unite all the like-minded parties, leaders against KCR’s leadership.
Even when the latest rumours gripped that Revanth would soon quit the TDP and move onto join BJP, Revanth had responded and clarified that he had no plans to join BJP. Yet Revanth reiterated to take on TRS by joining all the opposition forces. These tall claims of Revanth are now inviting laughs as he did little to keep his words.

It’s been nearly three years TRS has formed the government in Telnagana and it almost wiped out the TDP. Going by the prevailing conditions, even TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu seems to have given up his hopes for the party revival in Telangana. With only two years left for the next general elections, Revanth has neither initiated a plan to take on TRS nor did he chalked out a plan in the first phase.

Many in media and political fraternity lament that Reventh’s words are like a tiger but his actions are like ‘cat’. Well, one has to wait and see what’s in store for Revanth.

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