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Rajni worried about Kamal Hassan

Rajini Talks About Kamal's Short Temper

Superstar Rajinikanth, who is a competitor on professional front and a good friend on personal note, to actor Kamal Haasan, has revealed that he has never seen a person who is more short tempered than the ‘Dasavataram’ hero.
Rajini, while speaking at the Memorial of Kamal’s elder brother Chandra Haasan who recently passed away, said that the late Chandra Haasan has protected the volatile Kamal over all these years. ‘I am sure that whatever the little money Kamal is left with now, was saved by Chandra Haasan,’ he said.

‘People may have 10 percent of Kamal’s anger but I have seen his 100 percent. Although we are very close, I make sure to be cautious whenever I interact with him. I am worried that Kamal may take hasty decisions in the absence of Chandra Haasan,’ said Rajini expressing his concern for his longtime friend.

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