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I creator (26th January 2015) Monday

Wife Reveals Rajamouli’s Weakness

Costume designer and Rajamouli’s better-half Rama Rajamouli is usually reticent and less spoken. She has revealed an interesting detail about her celebrity husband S.S Rajamouli. Rama divulged that Rajamouli don’t bother about money. This is not all. According to her, Rajamouli neither carries cash nor any card in his pocket. So Rama quipped that whoever takes Rajamouli to a hotel has to pay the bill.
Sharing the details, Rama said, “Rajamouli don’t track of how much he earns. If someone asks him to sign on cheque, he signs as if he is giving autograph to his fans. He doesn’t even check how much money is there in the account. Many times, cheques were returned. I have to manage things for him as he’s not concerned about them. He don’t carry money with him. At times, he forget and goes to hotels. So, I always keep some money and a ATM card at driver.”

It’s no wonder as many creative people are least concerned about monetary things. Looks like, Rajamouli too joined the legion of creative persons who fail at the financial aspect.

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