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H1-B Applications Cap reached In just 5 Days

Despite growing attacks on Indians and the existing Trump-factor, Indians doesn’t seem to be in a mood to suspend their interest towards pursuing US dream. Like in the past, the H1-B mania is still quite as per the latest report by The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). USCIS is an official agency that handles the procedure and process of US immigration.
USCIS has released an official statement stating that it has reached ‘the mandated 65,000 cap of H1-B visa applicants for the fiscal year 2018’ in just five days. And that eventually highlights the craze for America and H1-B is still intact. In addition, it’s also reported in the statement that more than 20,000 petitions were received under US advanced degree exemption.

Interestingly, the agency (USCIS) began to accept the applications, for the year 2018, starting from Monday and it will continue to accept petitions. On the sidelines of President Donald’s popular campaign ‘Buy American, Hire American’, there was a kind of worry among Indian aspirants but that did not clearly reflect on the number of applications received.

On other hand, USCIS also confirms that petitions filed on behalf of existing H1-B holders who retain their cap number won’t be taken into consideration as part of mandated FY 2018 H1-B cap.

The quota for H1-B visas were assumed to get down after Trump became the new President of US, but the quota of 85,000 remained unchanged when the agency began to accept petitions this week

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