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Half Day Shooting, Half Day Meeting


When in work, generally heroes don’t entertain any other activities that the skin of the character won’t take a miss from their thinking. But for hero Ram Charan, it seems like he wants to focus on both shooting and meeting at the same.
From a time Charan is shooting for his latest movie under Sukumar’s direction at some lush green locations in West Godavari district region. Wearing that rugged look, he’s been seen dancing under the hot sun and also canning for other scenes. While he’s shooting for the film from 7.30 am to afternoon, post lunch Ram Charan is getting busy meeting his fans.

Every day we hear that fans are turning out in huge groups at the shooting spots and they are also bringing some packed gifts for the actor. Obliging their requests, Charan is not just meeting them, but also posing with them and giving them some return gifts as well.

Other day when a lady sought Charan’s help for her child who was affected with a Kidney related ailment, our hero directed his team to take the child to Apollo for treatment. Also, he gave the lady some money for other expenditure.

And once it is dawn, he’s said to be retiring to some spiritual sessions. And after sunrise next day, the whole scene is repeating for Ram Charan again.

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