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Jabardasth – Khatarnak Comedy Show – Episode  (11th August 2016) Thursday

Shopclues Co-founder accused wife of Illegal affair

When Shopclues co-founder Sandeep Aggarwal had no clue but written his personal feelings on Facebook, he accused his wife Radhika Aggarwal of having an illicit affair.

Sandeep Aggarwal founded one of the popular e-commerce website, Shopclues along with Radhika Aggarwal and Sanjay Sethi in 2011. But he had left the company in 2013 after he was arrested by FBI in the US on charges of insider trading at his previous organisation. He later started a new company called ‘Droom’.

On Sunday, Sandeep accused his wife Radhika, the current business officer at Shopclues, of having an illicit affair with Sanjay Sethi and taking away his voting rights from the company. He posted on his Facebook account,’Things people do to be famous and faking to be way too cooler than they actually are!!!’

He added, ” illicit love affair with once own boss while husband is away dealing with biggest family crisis”, referring her affair with Sanjay. He also went on to accuse her with, “changing web history, tampering with Wikipedia and lying in the press.”

Now with everything is in public domain, the response from the third co-founder, Sanjay is awaited in this regard.