Jabardasth – Khatarnak Comedy Show (1st Sep 2016)



Jabardasth – Khatarnak Comedy Show  (1st September 2016) Thursday

Rogue Heroine’s Controversy With Hrithik

Angela Kriskinzki, the Spanish beauty who played the leading lady in Puri Jagannath’s latest film ‘Rogue’, has got herself into a controversy involving Hrithik Roshan. She even tendered an apology to him later. Here is the actual story.
One of the noted national media houses, DNA, published an article today saying Angela called Hrithik as her mentor. Later, Hrithik took to twitter to refute this news and said he didn’t even know Angela.

‘My dear lady, who are you and why are u lying,’ tweeted Hrithik.

Angela later apologized to Hrithik on twitter and reminded him who she was and how the duo knew each other. She explained that she worked with Hrithik in a TV commercial. ‘During our short acquaintance, when I told him about my apprehensions of getting accepted by filmmakers and audiences here as I have international looks, he inspired me by saying that if I concentrate on acting, looks won’t matter much. His advice changed my life,’ she added.

Hrithik might have forgot about Angela as she was just one of the models that he worked with but she never forgot his words. Hence she called him her mentor during an interview and the issue got blown out of proportion.

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