Jabardasth – Khatarnak Comedy Show (22th Sep 2016)



Jabardasth – Khatarnak Comedy Show  (22nd September 2016) Thursday

IT Raids on Chiru’s Favorite Heroine!

Incomes Tax department is continuing its raids on celebrity residences in Tamil Nadu. In a fresh, the IT officials conducted searches in the houses of veteran Telugu heroine Radhika who acted in a many films with Mega Star Chiranjeevi during early 90s. Radhika was one of the favorite heroine in Telugu film industry 20 years ago.
The officials also raided Radhika’s office Radaan in Chennai and receoved from documents. The raids are followed by the searches at Radhika’ s husband and film hero Sharat Kumar houses two days ago.

The IT raids had created sensation as the income tax department unearthed the cash for vote scam in the by election to RK Nagar Assembly constituency. Reports said that nearly 100 crore money was distributed to voters by the main political parties. However, the elections were cancelled.

Officials said that Radhika was questioned and took some statements with regard to the assets owned by her and also the money stashed in her bank accounts in the state

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