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Prabhas Touched With Rajamouli’s Special Gift

With just two days to go for the release of the ‘biggest Indian film ever’, Baahubali 2, the euphoria surrounding the movie and the two main persons responsible for the happening of this epic – Prabhas and Rajamouli is ever increasing.

The duo can’t stop praising and thanking each other for helping each other make an epic like Baahubali. Rajamouli, who on numerous occasions said that he might not have made Baahubali had Prabhas not agreed to be part of it, has now given a befitting gift to his lead hero.

Rajamouli gifted the iconic armor wore by King Amarendra Baahubali to Prabhas as a thanking gesture, needless to say that Prabhas was emotional receiving it. It was a 5-year-long journey and as Rajamouli repeatedly stressed, no actor would have dedicated so much time and gone though such strenuous physical transformation for one project.


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