Jabardasth – Khatarnak Comedy Show (3rd Dec 2015) Thursday


Jabardasth – Khatarnak Comedy Show – Episode (3rd December 2015) Thursday

Varma Followed Megastar’s Advise?

This could be the most shocking happening of the 21st century, as director Ram Gopal Varma is known for the attitude of listening to none when it comes to his films. That’s the reason his “Shiva” became a golden, career defining hit, though many predicted a flop result for it.
Currently, Varma is in Mumbai, working on his latest project “Sarkar 3”. However, this film was supposed to release long back but it hasn’t locked on any date. Buzz is that currently, Varma is re-editing most parts of this lengthy film and chopping some lagging portions. Guess what, there is a person behind this.

After watching the final copy, Megastar Amitabh Bachan, the main lead of the film, is heard advising Varma to reduce the length of the film and slim certain portions. Taking his advise to heart, our maverick filmmaker is now chopping unwanted scenes and lengths, say reports.

But from when Varma has started to listening to others for his film? Definitely, this is a good change that could be seen in him in the recent times, in case if the news is true. However, that leads to one doubt, has those creative juices in Varma got dried up that he’s now depending on others for opinion?

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