Jabardasth – Khatarnak Comedy Show (5th May 2016)



Jabardasth – Khatarnak Comedy Show – Episode  (5th May 2016) Thursday

Foreign Clothes For Local Heroes? Pchh

If it silver screen, then the vibrance and beauty of clothes are very important as they present the lead actors in the best possible striking manner. Especially in songs, these stars should look terrific to strike a chord with their fans.

Gone are the days where ‘costumers’ design special clothes for hero and heroine. These days also they do, but they do it only for a song or two. For rest of the songs, we have ‘Fashion Designers’ these days picking international branded clothes for the lead pair. For other scenes throughout the film, they are picking clothes from these brands only. And that’s where our designers forget to go importance to aesthetic needs.

For example, if we take the protagonist of an energetic hero’s movie, we have him playing the role of an orphan who later confirms that he’s the son of a middle-class father. What stuns everyone is that he wears Superdry brand clothes most of the time. With t-shirts priced at more than 4000 rupees, was that a middle class look the designer has imparted to him?

Same is the case with a star family heir, where he’s seen wearing imported leather Jackets and other jeans pants that are shopped in Hong Kong. Each jacket has cost more than a lakh as per the finding. Though he played a corrupt Sub-Inspector of police, will he flaunt that wealth way?

Even a top notch star who has sported Khadi throughout the film used some imported leather jackets and jeans for songs that are shot in picturesque locales of Europe.

Of course, we have to agree that these heroes should look vibrant and handsome with their costumes but the designers should be sticking to character design and it’s financial backdrop too. Then only, our commercial films will look like a reality.

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