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Australians first’: Temporary Foreign Workers Visa Abolished

Malcolm Turnbull

US President Donald Trump who has tightened the screws on H-1B visa programme with the slogan of ‘Americans First’ looks to have inspired the Australian govt. to implement similar chauvinistic measures.
Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Tuesday said that his government will abolish its popular 457 visa that brings temporary foreign workers to the country. A new visa program will be formulated in its place with the aim of recruiting only the best and the brightest from around the world. He said that the decision has been taken to tackle the growing unemployment in the country.

The 457 visa is used by over 95,000 temporary foreign workers, mostly Indians. It facilitates foreign workers to get jobs in Australia and the visa holders can bring their family members to Australia on 457 secondary visa.

Mr Turnbull made it clear that his govt. intends to put ‘Australians First’ ahead of foreign workers for potential local jobs. He added that the 457 visa programme was allegedly being misused by local employers to import unskilled workers for cheap salaries.

“It’s not that the Australian government will discourage foreign workers completely, but the focus will be on giving priority to Australians and put check to employers who hire unskilled foreign workforce cheaply. This country still welcomes skilled workers from around the world,’ he added.

Those who are currently working in Australia on 457 visa will not be affected by these reforms.

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