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OMG!! Debutant’s Film Shelved Third Time


It’s not once or twice but thrice a debut film of this aspiring director is shelved. One wonders it is keeping on happening, thought such shelving debut films is not new to Tollywood.

The guy we are talking about is MVN Reddy, who has got his film with Allu Sirish launched last year but now the film is completely shelved as far as the news comes. Actually, MVN Reddy is known in the film industry as Venu Mallidi and first, he kick-started a movie with Nitin which was supposed to be his debut film. Later Nitin dropped that project and then he started a movie with Ram as well only to scrape it off later. And now, Allu Sirish has also dropped the film of Venu, making it a hat-trick of call-offs for the director. Oh my god!!

Geetha Arts camp sources revealed that Venu’s project needs some extensive visual effects and due to budget issues they have called off the project. Budget issues for Geetha Arts, really?

Anyway, we have guys like Puri Jagan whose debut film with Superstar Krishna got shelved just after four days into the shoot, and the Puri went on becoming a star-director later.

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