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Karthi Chit Chat in Starocharu Show (10th May 2013) Friday
NRI Killed in Road Accident, Wife Serious

In a shocking tragedy, a NRI techie was killed and his wife suffered serious injuries in an alleged hit-and-run accident. The tragedy took place on Sunday in the US city of Columbus when a minivan driver reportedly in inebriated condition ran over couple from the behind. The Indian engineer who was killed on the spot was identified as Anshul Sharma. He was 30-yr-old. Anshul’s wife Samira Bharadwaj was critically injured and hospitalised. She’s 28-yr-old. The incident happened when the couple were walking in the buffered bike lane in Columbus.

The minivan driver was identified as 36-yr-old Michael Demaio. Columbus city police have arrested him and booked him under the hit-and-run case and also charged him with criminal charges. Michael is booked for failing to stop after an accident resulting in death, injury and operating while intoxicated. He is now put in a county jail.

Anshul died from blunt force trauma to his head and upper cervical spine. Samira continues to be in critical condition at Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis.

Anshul worked as an engineer for a diesel engine manufacturer in Columbus. The company is in constant communication with the Sharma family and providing support in efforts to return his body to India. Meanwhile, family and friends of Sharma continued their efforts to take his body back home and to support his wife, who remains in the critical condition.

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