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Forget NTR & ANR, Who Is Gemini?

As the film “Mahanati” featuring Keerthi Suresh as Savitri and Samantha as Jamuna was announced a couple of days later through a pre-look poster, there are many speculations about the casting of the movie. Majorly, everyone talks about who is playing NTR and ANR in the movie. But here is another interesting and important thing.

More than NTR or ANR, the personal who played a crucial role in Savitri’s life is her reel-hero and also real-life hero Gemini Ganesan. He married Savitri as a third wife and that was known to the public only after three years post the marriage. This is one dark angle in the legendary actress’ life which common audiences want to know very clear.

Gemini Ganesan, in reality, has only one legal wife, his first wife Alamelu. Later he had affairs with actresses Pushpavalli and Savitri, who are regarded as his 2nd and 3rd wives. Popular Bollywood actress Rekha is Pushpavalli and Ganesan’s daughter in fact. Then at the age of 78, he married a 30-year-old woman named Julianna. Many say that secretly marrying Gemini Ganesan has ruined the career of Savitri as she never had a smooth personal life.

Now the moot question is, who is playing the role of Gemini Ganesan in the movie and is it possible to make a film on Savitri’s life without hurting sentiments of this superstar’s fans in Tamilnadu? We have to see how director Nag Ashwin handles this.


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