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Sreenu Vaitla On His Flops

Director Sreenu Vaitla has responded on his previous failures – Bruce Lee and Agadu. Admitting the mistake, Vaitla said the failures happened for his good as they helped him change his path and reinvent himself. He said they helped him come out of the routine, formula films.
Vaitla, who started off his career with romantic entertainers, is back to his genre with Mister. “I have not made this film with desperate for success. I made it with love and made it for the love of audiences,” said Sreenu Vaitla explaining the reason behind making film.

Vaitla said that Gopi Mohan had told him the story of Mister in December 2016 and said he was quite excited as it’s fresh and has been traveling on the story. He said he’s confident of the film and it shaped out well. Vaitla thanked producers Tagore Madhu and Nallamalapu Bujji for believing in him and trusting him.

As the film is all set for April 14 release, Vaitla is pinning high hopes on the film

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